August 3, 2018

Words might work


When the team isn’t working, what do you do? 

Three options (which may turn out to be sequential):

– Ignore it. Maybe the team isn’t working as well as you’d like, or you imagine it will sort itself out, or there’s a pressing deadline looming and it’s easier to pretend things are ok. Maybe (here’s hoping) it isn’t so bad after all. 10% success rate.

– Name the problem. Call it out as an issue, put some time into team tools and technologies. Spend time talking about the issue (with most people happy that someone said something). Naming the issue is often all it takes to turn things around. 60% success.

– Deal with it. When talking doesn’t do the job, dig into root causes. Press reset, sweep out bad systems or people, encourage good systems or people. 

If it needs to work, do what it takes.

Skippy strategy: Words might work, actions will.