May 18, 2018

Work hands


When you’re a one person rodeo there’s no one to do the work but you. It’s only you who’s jumping around inside the building. You open the post, sweep the floor, do the actual work, turn the lights off at night. 

For the rest of us, there’s a farm-full of work hands around us – the guiding principle of which is … we can achieve more together than we can apart. It’s a company, a community of purpose.

And then, around either immediate organisation, there’s a wider community. All with their own agendas, but all motivated to add their contribution to the greater whole, to make their best in the ecosystem they inhabit.

The trick then, for rodeo rider or farmer, is to work out your niche in the ecosystem. Find a place to fit that takes advantage of your strenghts, and of those around you.

Skippy strategy: You’re never on your own.