February 10, 2019

Work potential


When you’re constantly unable to fulfil on your commitments – whether individually or as a team – you’re suffering one of two issues: capacity limits or capability sucks.

Mathematically, that’s Work Potential  = Capacity x Capability.

Capacity is a theoretical maximum minus reality. Let’s be generous as say the inevitable thrashing around burns at least 15% of the theoretical whole.

Capability is what your team was born with, plus the technical skills and abilities they’ve picked up since then (summarised as skills), minus all the progress sucking effects of laziness, bad time management, lack of direction, poor management, lack of clarity, dysfunctional team working, everything you hate about organisational life.

To increase the amount of work your team can deliver, increase capacity (more people, less thrash), add skills (training), reduce suck (leadership).

The quickest route to success: reduce suck with better management, improved direction, more clarity.

Skippy strategy: Start with the problems you can fix yourself.