March 15, 2020

Working it out


Putting a team together, even if there’s only two of you, there are going to be some issues. Interpersonal issues, What do you mean when you say that? issues, Is he going to deliver on time this time when he didn’t last time? issues, drumming during meetings issues, code word issues, commitment issues. Normal stuff. The mysteries of other humans stuff.

The slow, erratic, high risk strategy is to let the world turn and see what happens. Time is the greatest normaliser. What was weird becomes everyday, and we learn to accommodate the weirdness.

The faster, direct, slightly less high risk strategy: have the, How do we get the best out of each other? conversation, the What do you mean when you say that? conversation, the Why do you do that? conversation.

Skippy strategy: The fastest way to working it out as a team … work it out as a team.