December 2, 2018

Worth hearing


Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could give them a motivation injection.

But it doesn’t exist, so we can’t

We can try making speeches, invent some clever incentive scheme, scream and shout, jump up and down, threaten them with sanctions, pay them more.

We can try all that … and it might work … or we could sit down and listen.

Listen hard, you’ll hear each person tell you what motivates them from the inside out

They’ll probably disguise it, they’ll talk about the things they like to do when they’re not at work, about their family, or holidays, or great restaurants or sports. They’ll tell you about past bosses and great projects and what was so great about them.

Eventually, they’ll tell you everything they need you know about making their life better and giving their best work.

And that’s worth hearing.

Skippy strategy: Stop trying. Start listening to motivate.