November 22, 2015

You did what?


In a crisis there’s not much time for anything but action.

Head down, one thing at a time, jumping the stepping stones from the middle of the river to safety on other side.

And in a crisis, there aren’t too many secrets. Everybody knows something’s going on. Not the details, but the broad sweep and rumours.

As soon as there is time, it’s time to blow away the smoke and point out the facts.

Walking into the meeting, everyone has a shopping list for what they want to know:

  • What happened?
  • How did it happen?
  • What have you done about it?
  • What it means to them?
  • What happens next?

Too much gloss or too little honesty and no one trusts you. And that’s another crisis in the making.

So … heavy on facts, forget about blame, no ranting, no finessing.

Skippy Strategy: Tell the story like you’ll tell it in five years – reflective, decisive, measured.