December 25, 2016

Your best work


No doubt, anyone who works with you, your customers, your partners, anyone who relies on you, looks up to you, everyone that matters  – we all want your best work. Same the other way round, you want their best.

We’ll take average, we’ll settle with acceptable, but what we really want … each other’s best.

Another no-doubter … we can help or hinder.

Get the relationship squiffy, ask wrong, forget some details, miss communicate, under-check, over-check, under-feedback, over-feedback, and seventeen hundred other ways of screwing things up … the best work slips off the table. No malice, just no joy.

Get everything right … Merry Christmas, here’s what I got for you.

The game then, is maximising chances.

You can take the slow road, work things out as you go along, or … ask.

How do we get your best work?

Skippy strategy: Pay attention and respect the answer.