March 30, 2024

You’re the go-to


The first step is accepting that you can’t do everything yourself.

You kinda-sorta accept it, which is why you have a team around you, but the obvious facts are a struggle at the same time.

You think (especially if you’re the founder) that your job is every job. That you’re the one who gets things done, you’re definitely self-sufficient.

You’re the go-to.

It’s what earned you your chair.

Now, accepting you need help … that you’re the kind of person who needs help, that you’re not able to do everything on your own … feels like an existential crisis.

It’s not.

It’s growth.

It’s how you grow as a leader.

It’s how an organisation grows out of the connected souls around you.

The second step is accepting that team and structures mean you don’t have to do everything.

Skippy strategy: Hiring is hard in itself but it’s the easy part.