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Feel Successful to Be Successful

December 16, 2010

Happy singers

Everybody knows that happy people do good work.

It might be true but it’s misleading too. Happy people and good work are correlated but they aren’t cause and effect. In fact,... READ MORE

Get Involved When Things Go Right

November 18, 2010

Love, Philadelphia

There are times when every thing’s going well. Everyone’s doing their job, you’re doing your job, wheels are turning. Lovely.

And then a fire breaks out.

You jump into the fight to... READ MORE

Parables and Commandments

November 4, 2010

Long Haul

Ever suffered the long haul getting your team to change the way they do things?

Most leaders have.

It’s frustrating, but the idea that leadership means you can get your people... READ MORE

Everything I know is wrong

September 24, 2009

Running feet

In the last five years I’ve run well over 6000 miles in marathon training. Over that period I’ve been completely sidelined with... READ MORE