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Don’t Paint Values by Numbers

October 28, 2010

Paint by Numbers

“Our Values: customer focus, responsibility, innovation, performance, teamwork.”

What do you think when you read something like that?

“That’s an important list of drivers that gives me an insight into... READ MORE

Everything I know is wrong

September 24, 2009

Running feet

In the last five years I’ve run well over 6000 miles in marathon training. Over that period I’ve been completely sidelined with... READ MORE

Tending the copper kettle

April 29, 2009

Innovation, independence, curiosity, collaboration, character, integrity, tradition, style all its own, authentic, risk takers, hardworking. All words used to describe craft brewing and craft brewers in this wonderful video by Greg Koch of the... READ MORE

A Business and its Beliefs

April 9, 2009

WatsonThomas J Watson Jr succeeded his father as chief executive of IBM in 1952. His leadership was something of a success. IBM experienced around 30% compound growth, year... READ MORE