July 7, 2023



There are times when something is wrong, when you know it’s wrong, but when there’s nothing you can do about it, and you have to hold your tongue.

That’s not a good feeling. Powerlessness.

When it happens, there are only two (three) options.

(The third? Moan about it to everyone else who’s powerless. Get angry, frustrated, irritated. Wallow.)

The two acceptable actions:

– Get over it. If there’s nothing you can do, no influence you can bring to bear, but on balance it’s something you can live with (if only just), then … accept the reality and focus on the things you can do, the impact you can have, the difference you can make.

– Get out. When it’s something you can’t live with and your ability to change it is between zilch and nada … find somewhere else to use your talents.

You do have power over yourself.

Skippy strategy: Only two real choices. Make one.