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They tell you

May 13, 2021

Castle It’s a reasonable assumption that everyone on your team wants to do good work. It’s at least a half-reasonable assumption that they know the conditions they need to do good work.... READ MORE

A comfort thing

May 8, 2021

Bridge When dealing with another organisation - buy side, sell side or partner - we like to know the agenda, where we stand, and what’s scheduled to happen next. When dealing with our... READ MORE

Issues with eggshells

April 29, 2021

Cycle When you find yourself worrying about dealing with an issue with one of your team because of how badly you expect them to react, you know you’re on the wrong side... READ MORE

Change people

April 24, 2021

Bridge There are always people you want more from. People on your team who have the talents (or, at least you think they do) but who never seem to bring it (or,... READ MORE

Too long

April 22, 2021

Pots There are some people that you really want to work out. Not just because of all the benefit they can bring to the team, nor because there’s a job to be... READ MORE