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Only one

July 6, 2021

Windows Any time someone on your team makes other people feel bad, you have less of a team. Maybe they roll their eyes with contempt, maybe it’s making others feel stupid for... READ MORE

That problem

July 4, 2021

Diners When someone on the team appears to not understand their job, or their responsibilities and accountabilities, if they don’t see where their contribution fits, or how they add value (or even... READ MORE

More than instructions

June 17, 2021

Poster The number one reason people don’t know what you know and fail to act as you expect is because you haven’t shared what you know or your expectations for how they... READ MORE

All change

June 14, 2021

A10 When the world goes around, it’s not just the date that changes. Every little thing inside the organisation and the team evolves, people gain experience and grow, some skip across the... READ MORE

Think together

June 12, 2021

Stage It’s easy and natural to live inside our own heads and see the world from our own perspective. It’s easy and natural to forget that we’re in a unique position and... READ MORE