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Take a walk

May 12, 2022

Grounds There are people on your team you should take a walk with. You’d naturally benefit from getting to know each over better but the big upside - on both sides of... READ MORE

Guessing game

April 22, 2022

Light When you bring someone new into a situation there’s always a bedding-in process where they have to find their feet and establish the parameters of their role. It can be a... READ MORE

First step

April 21, 2022

Steps Wouldn’t it be lovely if they took the first step? If that person who isn’t pulling their weight, or was missing their marks or was drowning without waving, if that person... READ MORE

The pipes

April 12, 2022

Pipes One of the joys is adding talented and motivated people into the team. One day one, at whatever level, you and they have stars in your eyes - full of expectation... READ MORE

Not exiteers

April 10, 2022

Band Have a team of any size for long enough and there will be people who lived up to and move past your hopes and desires. They’ll hit more runs and knock... READ MORE