June 21, 2023

Sit tight


Look out there, it’s looking darker. Clouds are forming. It might not rain, but maybe it will. Perhaps we should sit it out for a while and see what happens. You know, wait until things look a bit clearer. Until we know.

There’s always plenty of reasons to wait. To keep on doing what you’ve always done just in case you’re wrong about the future, that the market won’t turn or the technology isn’t ready or you don’t have the runway.

They’re all reasonable concerns. Much safer to sit tight and see what happens.

Problem is … if you sit tight … you’ll stay where you are.

Nothing will change except the date.

Much better … get on with it … whatever the weather. Take it easy if you have to, pay attention to the changing conditions, but keep moving forward.

Skippy strategy: Sort yourself out for the conditions, and get going.