February 19, 2023

The logjam


So many times, so, many, times, pressure builds before the decision. Will we make the right decision, what are the parameters of the decision, what will happen if, or if that, or that? The upside, the downside, the impact over here, the disbenefits there. Permutations, permutations.

And then, the decision.

And then, after the decision.

After the decision, life gets much busier and yet less complicated. All those what ifs get turned into a limited set of actions, hence the busy-ness, but all the others wash away with yesterday’s junk-mail.

When you and everybody else is waiting, when your mind is swirling, when everything is jammed. The pressure isn’t so much caused by the what-ifs and maybes, but by the lack of the decision at the end of them. With the decision, the logjam clear and turn to what happens next.

Skippy strategy: Decide, the deal with what comes next.