September 14, 2017

Managing the mustard


When you’re on top of the game, when the crises feel far apart, when you can apply the hot stuff whenever and wherever you need it – you’ve got enough mustard for all the ham in town. Put your hottest talent on the biggest opportunities. You can overwhelm problems. Use your resources to maximum effect.

When you’re running hard just to stand still, when firefighting is the order of every day, when problem begets solution begets yet more problems – you’re spreading the mustard too thin. You’re behind the curve. Your hottest talent is wasted babysitting the day to day. You’re wasting the talents.

Management is about managing the mustard, just where you need it.

If it’s too thin, everything suffers – cut down on commitments and prioritise fixing the systems.

If there’s plenty in the pot, take on more – look to the horizon for interesting challenges.

Skippy strategy: Manage the hot stuff.