March 18, 2022

Ok to ask


You know a lot. You’re smart, sparky and motivated so you can work out a lot of the things you don’t already know. And what you don’t know and can’t work out, you can probably have a decent stab at, and you probably won’t embarrass yourself when you do. But there are some things – even if you’re smart, sparky, motivated and talented – that need experts. Things just can’t be stabbed at, because if they are, somebody (and it’s probably you) will come out worse for the wear.

Which really means, it’s ok to ask for help.

When things are critical, obviously, and even when they’re not, other people know a lot too. They walk in the room with their own mix of experiences and knowledge, their own special blend of smarts and sparks and motivations – and their own special ability to help.

Skippy strategy: It’s good to ask for help.