June 1, 2022

Playing out


You might want to stage manage things. To play out the news – a little bit good, a little bit bad – so they don’t have to deal with too many things at once, and even then, only when you think the time is right. 

If it was the other way around, would you want it that way? More likely, you’d prefer them to respect you enough to tell them how things are playing out behind the scenes. You probably wouldn’t want a real-time blow by blow, but you would like the headlines and you’d definitely like to know what’s being done to keep things on track. Like, the shipment’s delayed but we’ve arranged air freight to pick up the slack.

Then you’d know. Then you’d run your own contingencies into place. Then you’d be in control of your own destiny.

Skippy strategy: Treat them with the respect you’d like yourself.