June 9, 2022

You know a little more


No one should make a fool of themselves as they slog ever deeper into the endless swamp. But sometimes the only thing to do, in the face of resistance or setbacks or moments of doubt, is simply to keep on keeping on. To rely on the work. To do the work. Not necessarily because of assumptions or blind faith, but because you set on this path for a reason – based on insight and understanding and feedback and inspiration – and … nothing has changed. 

Nothing, except you know a little more now. 

You know it will take longer than you hoped (but, inside, you knew that at the start).

You know it will be harder than you imagined (but, things always are).

You know that enthusiasm has to be backed up by baby steps and plenty of them. Today and tomorrow. And every day until it’s done.

Skippy strategy: Keep on keeping on.