August 7, 2021

Buy-in built in


It’s a fair bet that the people closest to the action have a better and more nuanced understanding of what’s going on than you do. Sure, you might have a clearer oversight and you might even have a better insight, but if it’s a question of facts then they are in a better position than you.

So what? With all those facts and all that understanding, they’re probably better decision makers than you about the things in their world. Even if they’re not, you’ll benefit from including them in the process, hearing their positions and opinions, mining them for details and correlations and dependencies, and only then coming to a conclusion. Better yet, especially if they’ll be the ones most impacted by a decision, help them come to the conclusion themselves.

Why? Better decisions and buy-in built in.

Skippy strategy: Involve the people in the middle of the decision.