December 22, 2022

On it


There are people who always act like owners. Not that they’re proprietorial and lord it over their domain. More that they pay attention to the details, care about the outcomes, take responsibility for making things right, give more than the rest of their team and expect less than the same from everyone else. They’re on it. They’re up for it. They’re … the people you want to work with.

Sadly, it can’t be trained, nor can it be magically implanted if only you give someone enough cash, nor can your example (assuming you’re one of these people) inspire others to be like you.

What you can do, is hire, promote and retain everyone who is.

What you can also do, is move on everyone who isn’t. 

You’re team will be smaller, leaner, faster, smarter and a bunch more fun.

Skippy strategy: Build you team only with people who are on it.