April 30, 2022

Accept and respect


Without demishing the magnitude and challenge of the path lies ahead, without ignoring the difficulty and anguish of the spaghetti-road that brought us to where we find ourselves today, without looking for glory or praise, take a minute to assess and accept and respect and acknowledge what we’ve achieved so far. 

To breathe in, look back, see how far we’ve come, and set ourselves with resolve for the next stage. To tip our caps to the technologies we’ve wrangled, the players on the team we’ve been and become, the team-dynamics we’ve benefitted from and battled with and bonded through, the partners we’ve danced with and the one’s we’ve left on the sidelines. To salute our achievements, nod at our failures, and respect them both just the same.

What happened, happened. For better or worse it got you where you are today.

Now, what’s next?

Skippy strategy: Where have you come from?