May 1, 2022

Always a choice


If we had the choice, we wouldn’t work with that customer, supplier, partner, colleague.

If we had the choice – as in, if it was our call and there were no material downsides, where we weren’t beholden to a major customer who had an oversize influence on small things like survival, or where we were embarrassed by choice when it came to bought-in services or products or components, or where our partners we’re one-of-many rather than unique fish with vested interests, or where there were always new and exciting candidates with a neat fit who would slip in seamlessly and bring in above-the-bar skills and smarts – if we had the choice … we’d do something about the under-whelmers.

We’d give help where it was beneficial and remove those for whom it wasn’t.

There’s always a choice – sometimes it takes planning – but there’s always a choice.

Skippy strategy: Don’t accept unacceptable behaviours.