May 2, 2022

Take some steps


We all get a little obsessed with the objective. Do this. Complete that thing. Get to here. Win the game. We crystallise the end state, think about it, strategise about what will happen after we get there, talk about it like it’s an actual thing. And sometimes, we forget about the work that will get us there, or what that work will be – we imagine that, magically, it will all come together in a beautiful ta-da! moment.

Except, to get to there from here means overcoming quite a few obstacles, crossing some valleys, bending around a mountain or two and dealing with the doldrums – and that’s even when we know what is the problem of the day.

Now though, we don’t know anything because we haven’t planned and we certainly haven’t started. All we’ve done is dreamed.

Skippy strategy: Start, take some steps, take some bearings, think, take more steps.