May 3, 2022

A blurry picture

Blurred landscape

Bang! The thunder clap.

A request, an order, a priority – something important just found its way to you to-do list with an urgency that means you have to hustle. Run!

Except … where to, and from where?

You could get cracking (like, now!) and run-run-run without taking stock of where you are, why you need to hurry and only a blurry picture of where you’re going or what success looks like – you know, half cocked – or you could take a few moments to get a whole lot clearer. Clearer on what the starting gate looks like, on the reality that calls for immediate action, the purpose of all that action and the most meaningful deadline for things to have been done. 

Sometimes (not often) you do have to pick up and run for the trees.

Most times, spending thought saves time and effort.

Skippy strategy: Be clear about where you’re going.