April 24, 2022

At the station

St Pancras

You can hear the clanking as the train comes to a crunching-clunking halt.

What was easy and obvious and purring from momentum – from here to there along this route – gets struck and stuck with inertia. The reason? Somebody new wasn’t brought up to speed, someone didn’t do what they were supposed to do, a deadline was missed, the emergency cord was yanked (who did that?), someone-everyone starting second-guessing everything.

Now, having brought the train to a halt – and where some people have jumped off for a snack or some sightseeing, (where are they?) – now it’s time, clunk, to get, crunch, going again, clank-clunk-crunch.

Lost momentum costs more than time. It saps energy, causes confusion and offers a welcome mat to distractions.

Sometimes it’s healthy and wise to stop. Do it on purpose. Not for lack of care or preparation.

Skippy strategy: Plan for stops and change things comfortably at the station.