June 10, 2024

Every question


Customers can be so demanding.

Sometimes, all they seem to want is information about your products and services, about the products and services they’ve already ordered, about how to deal with your company, about your prices and policies and working practices. Their need for perfectly reasonable information only serves to underline that you haven’t made it available in the first place.

You made them prise it out of your reluctant hands. Separating out the sources, eliminating coherence, making it difficult to find and near impossible to access.

Two options:

– Find a way to eliminate the need. Iron out the variables and make everything obvious from the get-go.

– Make it easier to give them what they want. Put people and systems in place that answer every question completely and with joy. A bit more effort equals happier (and probably more) customers.

Customers are demanding with reason.

Skippy strategy: Give them what they want.