June 7, 2022

Fast waits for slow


Fast waits for slow.

If you’re fast, if your team is fast, if your teams is fast and it’s working with a team that’s slow – it’s frustrating.

If you’re slow, if your team is slow, if your team is slow and it’s working with a team that’s fast – be frustrating.

Neither is right. If you’re fast, it’s probably because you’re small and motivated, you’re comfortable with decision making and dealing with risk. If you’re slow, it probably because you’re large and are constrained by process (however motivated), you’re accustomed to a slower pace of change and limiting risk.

So fast waits for slow.

The easy way for fast to deal with this is to understand it, accept it, live with it, and get on with something else in the mean time. The alternative? Frustration, irritation, impatience, resentment.

Skippy strategy: Accept who you’re working with, or don’t work with them.