June 6, 2022

Can opener


Customers, like the rest of us, don’t always know what they want. We can ask, and they might make a decent fist of a response – and sometimes they’ll nail it. Most times though, it’s hard to describe exactly what we want until we see it.

If we’re in the business of bringing new things into the world – whether that’s a product, a service or a new way of paying invoices in the accounts department – nobody is likely to describe exactly what this new thing is supposed to be.

We have to work it out on our own.

Except we don’t.

We can ask – not what they want, but what’s wrong with the current way of doing things. Most times, we don’t even have to ask, just stand around the water cooler and listen.

Skippy strategy: What’s wrong is more of a can opener than what they think makes it right.