June 5, 2022

Move on-ability


When you’re caught between two sides it’s tempting to try to find some middle ground where everyone can feel equally uncomfortable and no one is happy. An alternative is to organise a process to work on the differences. A process, agreed by all at the start, where everyone knows the outcome might not be to their liking.

The key is in making the process objectively fair. Part of that is everyone being able to see the benefits of fairness over their own self-interest (definitely not a given).

So what’s the benefit? Move on-ability. 

Which means having something to hang on to even if things don’t go how they hope. Where every party at the table can say they had the opportunity to make their case, to give it their best self-interested shot, wherever the chips may fall.

Skippy strategy: Look past the issue, focus on the process to resolve it.