June 4, 2022

Positioning crumbles


Sure, your customers, users, colleagues, partners all value the things you do for them. The actual value you bring. The results of your efforts, the transformations, the products, the services. The stuff. Sure.

What they also value, probably more, is that they can trust you to deliver that stuff. The value, yes, but the knowledge that the value will turn up, times ten. This is what keeps you in that place in their head, the place they call on when they need the thing you do. 

That positioning can be fragile. If you don’t deliver, it wobbles. If you consistently fail, that positioning crumbles to dust.

If, however, you pull it off, that position solidifies. If you consistently deliver, it strengthens, builds little foundations, and grows. Pretty soon, your customers, users, colleagues and partners are recommending you to their friends.

Skippy strategy: To solidify your position, deliver the value consistently.