February 16, 2022

First contact


There’s probably a theoretically accurate way of using any tool or doing any job. If only you’d hold it like this, do things exactly how I say, apply pressure simultaneously here and here and here, and all whilst the stars are aligned and you have a following wind …ta da! Perfection.

Except. Back here in the real world, perfection isn’t the objective and no amount of lining things up will ever automatically lead to flawless execution, let alone survive first contact with any kind of opposing force.

The game then is to put the tools in place and learn how to use them – adapting them and your own style to get the best outcomes more often than not, accepting that each of us are different and we therefore brings our individual special talents to the mix.

In other words – prepare to customise.

Skippy strategy: Substance over style, outcomes over obsessions.