May 9, 2022

In our bones


Sometimes we know what we think. Either it came straight from our gut or we worked it out over the hard yards. We’re sure. Down in our bones. Except, surprise! just like the plan that doesn’t survive first contact, nor do some of those ideas. We, were, erm, mistaken. We thought we were right, and we weren’t. All that’s left now is to admit to the one in the mirror and move forward with a new sense of the world.

[Sometimes, of course, despite the evidence we can’t accept what is obvious to all. Let’s leave that to the politicians – big P and small – for now.]

The point is that, even when we’re sure, our opinion gets cemented, improved, disproved, augmented, polished every time we take it out to meet the world. So let’s do more of that.

Let’s benefit from exposure.

Skippy strategy: Bring the talents to every thought process.