November 26, 2022

Most of those things


There are definitely things around here you don’t like. Things about the infrastructure, things about the process, things about the relationships internally and externally, things about the supplier, the customer, the colleague, things about the department, the other department, the team down the hall.

Most of those thing … so what. You may not like them but they work well enough and there’s no reason to get involved.

Some of those things … make a difference. Most of the things that make a difference … you can influence.

So what are you going to do?

Moan about them to everyone except the people who can do something about them, or mention them to the people involved.

Thing is, good people would rather hear about the issues, and they’d rather hear about them from other good people who care about outcomes.

Assuming good people are involved, let them know.

Skippy strategy: Let them know.