November 27, 2022

No band-aid


When something goes wrong there’s a significant impulse to make it better.

It starts with the it – before you do anything you have to know what exactly you’re working on. What is the issue, which part is causing the problem, where are things breaking down? Be specific.

Then the better – starting with the end in mind means being clear about the final state. How will things be different at the finishing line and what’s the process that gets you there? What do you have to change to make sure nothing goes wrong, not only this time, but next time too?

Now the make – nothing actually changes unless you do something about it. Who will do the work and how will you manage the process and monitor the outcome? What is the follow through?

No band-aid, no wish list, just specific actions.

Now start.

Skippy strategy: Make it better – all three parts.