November 28, 2022

Seen it all


It’s a learning process. 

You don’t walk into a kitchen and know how to cook on day one. You learn about ingredients and flavours and methods and temperatures, you unravel the mysteries of combinations and grasp the magic that happens when you add just the right kind of heat in the right kind of situation, how to monitor and mediate, and exactly what happens when you muck things up.

It’s a learning process.

You don’t walk into managing anything and know how to cook on day one. You may think you’ve seen it all before and understand how to get the best from the ingredients. You don’t. The what and the how and the who of this particular thing is unique, peculiar, special. Bring what you know, understand there’s always more.

The first time, the next time, every time … learn how to cook.

Skippy strategy: It takes time, and humility.