November 29, 2022

Back to the surface


We all go down rabbit holes sometimes. We’re intrigued, and that’s only a good thing. And our intrigue turns into interest, and interest takes on a life of its own and after a while we find ourselves seven levels deep in data and stumbling around in the dark.

There are two ways out.

Option one is to keep on digging until you find a source of light, and then work your back to the surface – proud of your newfound understanding.

The other, forget about it – put it down to experience and move on with the useful nugget you found right below the surface, just after you started.

Both options get you to the finish line. One is quicker, one is richer. Only you can work out, this time, which is the way to go.

More often than not though, forget about it.

Skippy strategy: Interesting information isn’t necessarily useful.