November 30, 2022



There are people and organisations who’s plan is to wait. They wait until the market has moved and then they run to catch up. They wait until the winning technology becomes clear and then jump on board. They wait until the problem gets solved by somebody else. They’re not proactive. Not behind the curve, just on their own one.

No matter whether you think that’s smart, it’s their plan and they can do what they like.

So what?

Don’t waste time trying to change them from the outside.

If your success is based on people and organisations making active choices to shake things up – like every start-up and every ambitious manager and every other agent of change – forget these people.

Don’t try to turn the wait-it-outers.

Find like-minds who see the upside, can live with the risk and are prepared to do something about it.

Skippy strategy: Work with the willing.