July 15, 2022

Slowest project ever


The best thing you can do for progress is to get out of the way. The worst? Insinuate yourself into the process without really engaging – so you’re included in everything and everyone waits for your input, but you aren’t really involved and whatever they’re expecting you either ignore (because you forgot) or is to be found abandoned at the bottom of your to do list.

Yet it started with so much promise. You asked questions, got involved, shined the light of your interest – and everyone got excited that, with your blessing and good intentions, this was a green-lit project that would speed it’s way to its glorious conclusion.

The reality – involved without involvement, influential without using influence, interested without investment.

Slow, slower, slowest project ever.

Skippy strategy: To make progress, show an interest, add value at the thinking stage, give authority, mine for solid footings and get out of the way.