January 17, 2023

Space for bigger

No Engine

The challenge is always to get on with the urgent whilst working towards the important. Not that they’re necessarily exclusive, it’s that they generally are.

The urgent is the engine – your email stuffed with data points and deliverables, meetings and prep-work, the quick conversation in the corridor that spawns a to-do list to fill the house.

The important is space – for all those things that need more, that no one is asking for today, that there’s no immediate pressure to deliver but that will be the things that transform your future and maybe even everyone’s future.

How do you do that? How do you fulfil on your pending promises (and that take every hour you give them) whilst still leaving space and time and the actual inclination to get on with even more things than are absolutely necessary today.

Save the space.

Skippy strategy: Keep the engine out of the space.