April 11, 2022

Still north


When something big hits you from the outside – probably from a competitor, investor, technology or customer – it can feel seismic. For whatever reason, the ground where you felt so sure of yourself, shifts. It’s easy to panic, to second guess everything that happened so far and everyone that was supposed to happen next, to dig in steadfastly or wash around lost.

Not so easy but way more useful, step back. Amongst the change, what hasn’t moved (lots), what is still true (plenty), what are the fixed points that are still fixed (many)? And what really has changed (this, and this, and that)?

Gather your team, put the before and after maps on the table, and assess the impact – the new roadblocks, the new short-cuts, the snakes and ladders.

More likely than not: north is still north, it’s just the route that’s shifted.

Skippy strategy: North is, most likely, still north.