April 12, 2022

The pipes


One of the joys is adding talented and motivated people into the team. One day one, at whatever level, you and they have stars in your eyes – full of expectation and hope, excited at a job worth doing and a job done well. From this day forward, we’re raising the bar. From here on out, more capacity, more capability, more energy, more things done well.

But the role isn’t so clear, the relationships and value add don’t quite fall into place, Tab A and Slot B are a little misaligned. Everyone can see how maybe, kinda, sorta, it should work – it just doesn’t. Not naturally.

It never does. Building teams isn’t about throwing the right people into a room and hoping. Even when all the pipes connect, it still takes time, care, trust, effort, intention.

Skippy strategy: Get them around the table and work it out together. As often as necessary.