April 13, 2022

Their promises


Your job is to make their life easier. They are your customers, colleagues, team members, suppliers, partners, anyone you’re involved with.

Making their life easier doesn’t mean doing their job for them, thinking for them, or letting things slide when they don’t live up to their side of the bargain.

It does mean giving them the tools for the job, the guidance and training they need, the instruction manuals and easy start guides, the colleagues and support they can turn to with confidence. It means clarity on their role, their contribution, their value add. It means removing obstacles; anything that gets in the way (including weak process and unhelpful people). It means walking in their shoes. It means perfecting hand-offs, upstream and down, making everyone else’s life easier too.

It means helping them take responsibility, holding them accountable for ensuring they fulfil on their promises. 

Skippy strategy: Make their life easier.