April 14, 2022

Start anyway


If you know you have to do something, and you know you want to do that thing, and you have the time to do it and even a pretty good incentive, but you don’t do it … what’s that about?

Maybe it’s too big – and the remedy is start anyway, for even five minutes, then give it five more minutes, and see where that gets you, and now you’ve started, may as well give it a little more time and chew through a decent wedge. And repeat.

Maybe it’s too difficult – same answer; start anyway. Most things cut themselves down to size as soon as you say boo! 

Maybe you’re just not sure – it’s a choice; either kill it and take if off your list, or, assuming it’s there for a reason, accept that you’re just procrastinating, and … start anyway.

Skippy strategy: Things don’t get finished that don’t get started.