April 1, 2023

The losing cycle


It happens. For one reason or another you’re frustrated by someone on your team. They do something, the don’t do something, they find a way of letting you down.

First time it happens … them’s the breaks. A little corrective feedback and we’re all good.

Or not. 

Maybe you fluff the feedback, maybe you cut them a break and let it slide. (Just this once. That’s understood. Right?) Maybe they hear the feedback but don’t recognise the issue, step out from taking responsibility, cut themselves a bigger break. Whatever.

Then what?

It happens again. Maybe not the same thing. Maybe just another little way to let themselves or you or the team down.

Then what?

More corrective feedback? More breaks? More of the same the same the same?

Break the losing cycle.

No more fluffing. No slack. Make sure the feedback loop connects back home.

Skippy strategy: Close the feedback loop.