March 26, 2022

The shipment


There’s reality, then there’s our perception of reality, and then there’s how we actually deal with the world. This last one is our day to day. It’s the actual doing. Not what’s true or what we hope to be true, it the actions we take because of or in spite of whichever reality we face.

So, reality, the shipment will be late. Our perception on whether this will make a difference or whether Tab A will still find Slot B nicely and in a timely fashion, and what that might mean to us and our customers. Then there’s our actions, who we tell (or not), what contingencies we prod into place (or not) and push (or don’t) to play out.

In the end, choices. Wait for reality to catch up with us, or deal with the world as we find it?

Skippy strategy: Reality is a wave, surf or be overwhelmed.