March 25, 2022

Never stumbling


Some things come together soooooo easily. Tab A slides unencumbered and into Slot B and sits snugly home, all the lines converge to a beautiful and effortless point, the teams sways with the Mozart, never stumbling on a single note. Ahhhh.

Most days though, most projects, most anythings (where “most” should be read as “every”) it’s a bit more effort than that. Tab A needs filing and jimmying, nobody knows where Slot B is or whether it even exists, nothing converges, nothing lines up, noting comes together without overcoming the forces of immovable objects, the mood music is cacophonous and the team stutters its lines.

You knew this going in. You knew this because … it’s always like this. You know this, you choose this, because it’s hard. Because pulling things together, pulling together on things, is what makes life interesting.

Skippy strategy: You wouldn’t want it to be easy really.