March 24, 2022

The minimum


We can always get away with doing the minimum. It’s the minimum, sure, but the minimum is the bar for an accepted standard, so, why not? Why not put less effort in than you could, less than you would if your goal was to feel pride, less than you did yesterday? Nobody else cares (enough), so why would you do anything other than drag your unmotivated soul over the very lowest bar?

Because it’s a differentiator. Because customers and colleagues will notice, they’ll be grateful, and they’ll come to you next time. Which means you’ll feel appreciated and be busy. And appreciation feels good. And being busy in more interesting. And good things happen to people to do good work … they get asked to do more interesting things. And more interesting things are, erm, more interesting. And interesting is a virtuous circle.

Skippy strategy: Do good things, good things happen.