March 23, 2022

Add energy


You can keep trundling along, doing what you’re doing, imagining or hoping that something will drop out of the sky to make life more exciting and change the status quo. You can. You absolutely can. You can. You can trundle, and trundle, and trundle. You can.

See where that gets you?

The alternative – not much of an alternative really, more, the only way that actually makes any sense – the alternative, is to add energy.

Change the momentum, break away from inertia, reach out to a new voice, put something new into the world, ask for help, make connections, go somewhere you haven’t been, talk to people you haven’t talked to, ask questions you haven’t asked and take actions you haven’t taken.

Trundling might work. Waiting might work. The higher odds strategy – add energy to make movement and create light.

Skippy strategy: What will you do different to get different?