March 22, 2022

The chatter


It’s easy to get carried along with all the talk about pivoting, about business models, about positioning and startups and scale-ups and funding rounds, and every other thing you hear about at every other event. And there’s wisdom there. We have to stay current with our market and opportunity.

But for most of us, most of the time, the strategy is the strategy. Another word for it, our winning formula – the thing we’ve agreed, taking all things into consideration (including all the buzzy ideas amongst our peers), that gives us the best chance of creating and delivering value for a market we can address with the resources available. It’s a formula, despite the chatter, that just doesn’t change very much.

Sure, every detail might change over time, the variables inside the thinking – but the strategy, the winning formula, not so much.

Skippy strategy: Don’t be swayed from the winning formula.